SteelSeries QcK+ HoN

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HEROES OF NEWERTH : Features official artwork from the game.
GUARANTEED GLIDE : High quality cloth with optimized surface ensures smoothness and precision.
RUBBER BASE : Specially designed non-slip rubber base prevents the pad from sliding.
OPTIMIZED : Flawless, steady performance when using both optical and laser mice.


SteelSeries QcK+ Heroes of Newerth™ Edition
Made of a high-quality cloth material with an optimized textured surface, the SteelSeries QcK+ Heroes of Newerth™ Edition provides players with both a smooth and consistent glide. Specially designed with a non-slip rubber base, the mousepad stays in place regardless of what surface the mousepad is placed on. Optimized for optical and laser technology, the SteelSeries QcK+ Heroes of Newerth™ Edition features the original artwork of David Kingaby, winner of the SteelSeries HoN Mousepad Design Contest.